3 Words in Running Man 304(Running Man Hunting Part 2)



If you watch police dramas, you can hear this word a lot. It means to catch every criminal at once.

In Song Dynasty of Ancient China, there was a good emperor. Under him, there were good subordinates. One day, the son-in-law of prime minister was arrested because of embezzlement. When he was arrested, everyone related to him was arrested at once.

After this event, the police in charge went to the prime minister and used this word, 일망타진. From this historical event, this phrase was born.

일(一) means one. 망(網) means net. 타(打) means hit. 진(盡) means to end. It basically means to catch every fish in the net with one try. So, it is to catch everyone at once.

일망타진은 실패했지만, 대장은 잡았습니다.
We couldn't catch everyone at once, but we caught the commander.

이번 목표도 일망타진이다.
Our goal is to catch everyone at once.

궁지에 몰리다


궁지 means the hard or difficult situation. 몰다 is to steer, drive or navigate. 궁지에 몰리다 is to be driven to the corner. When someone is driven to some difficult situation, you can use this expression.

그렇게까지 궁지에 몰릴지는 몰랐다.
I didn't know that I would be driven to the corner like that.

궁지에 몰리면 무슨 짓을 할 지 몰라. 조심해.
We don't know what he would do if he is driven to the corner. Be careful.

예능 초보가 타고 있어요


If you see this sentence, there is nothing hard here. I've chosen this sentence because of the 2 phrases, 아기가 타고 있어요 and 초보 운전.

You can sometimes see these 2 phrases in the back of the car. The first sentence, 아기가 타고 있어요, is used when you have newborn baby. It means that please drive gently because there is a baby in this car.

초보 운전 means novice driver. It means that the driver in this car is the novice, so please be generous even if we make some mistakes.