3 Words in Running Man 298(답정No Race, Finding No Man Race)



양반 is actually the name of rank in 조선 dynasty. They were the prestigious group. They could only take the test, 과거, and become the beaurocrat of 조선. They were rich and others were poor.

However, it lost this meaning these days. It is used to call a man. It is used in 2 cases, good and bad. When a man is polite and quiet, he is called 양반. When someone does something really odd, he is called 양반, too. It seems that opposite meanings are in one word.

점잖으신 양반께서 왜 이런 곳까지 오셨습니까?
Why did you come here like this?

이런 답답한 양반을 봤나.
You're so frustrating.



When you act silly, it is 오두방정. In this case, your action is big and you make some racket.

This word is used with the verb 떨다 like 오두방정(을) 떨다.

오두방정 그만 떨고 나와.
Stop being silly and come here.

나오는 방송마다 오두방정을 떨다 보니 그를 좋아하는 사람도 많고 싫어하는 사람도 많다.
He makes racket whenever he is on TV shows, so there are many people who like him while many people hate him.



This word has a long history. In 1592, Japan invaded 조선. And the king escaped.

In a village, he ate a fish called 묵. He really liked the fish and heard that the name of the fish is 묵. He thought that the name is too shabby for that delicious fish. So, he renamed it as 은어.

After the war, he came back to his palace in 서울(it was called 한양). He remembered the fish and ate that again in the palace. But the taste was not the taste he remembered. So, he ordered that the name of the fish should be back to 묵.

From this, the expression 도루묵 has been created.

도루묵 is used when something good happened but after a while the situation went back to the first bad state.

It can be translated like "to turned out to be of no use", "became useless", etc.

그렇게 다 도루묵이 될 줄은 몰랐다.
I didn't know that it will become useless like this.

한 달간의 금연이 완전 도루묵이 되었다.
One month of not smoking went completely useless.