3 Words and Sayings in Running Man Ep. 280(신년특집! SNS 댓글 레이스, SNS Reply Race)



Everyone of us has his or her favorite food. When some dish is a kind of your favorite food, it is called 입맛에 맞다 in Korean. On the other hand, if it isn't your favorite, it is 입맛에 맞지 않다 or 입맛에 안 맞다.

This word came from the two words, 입 and 맛. 입 is mouth and 맛 is taste. So, 입맛에 맞다 means it is your taste. 입맛에 맞지 않다 is not your taste.

입맛에 맞는 음식들을 골라 왔어.
I have gathered the foods of my taste.

입맛에 맞으실지 모르겠네요.
I don't know these are your taste.

Like the word, taste, in English, 입맛 is also used figuratively to show one's taste in other things like 입맛에 맞는 영화(the movies of your taste), 입맛에 맞는 일(the works of your taste), etc.

한술 더 뜨다


When you are going over board or doing something worse than expected, it is called 한술 더 뜨다. It is usually used in negative context.

For example, your colleague did something wrong to you. But he doesn't look sorry, but he's even angry at you. You can use 한술 더 뜨다 here.

그는 미안해 하기는커녕 한술 더 떠서 내게 소리를 쳤다.
He didn't say sorry and even yelled at me.

현재 유가가 배럴당 30달러까지 떨어졌는데, 그는 한술 더 떠 10달러까지 떨어질 것이라고 예측했다.
Currently, the oil price went down to 30 dollars a barrel. He even expected that it will go down to less than 10 dollars.



When somebody else is looking for opportunity to get your precious things, it is called 호시탐탐 in Korean.

호(虎) means 호랑이(tiger). 시(視) means to see. 탐(眈) means to glare or stare. It basically means the glare of tigers. Like tiger looking and waiting for its prey, someone is bidding their time to steal or rob something, it is called 호시탐탐.

In Running Man, members and guests bid their time to rip other people's name tag or steal some precious items. This word is used for that situation.

유재석은 호시탐탐 김종국의 이름표를 노렸다.
Yoo Jaesuk looked for the chance to rip Kim Jongkook's name tag.

상대편은 호시탐탐 역전의 기회를 노렸다.
The opposite team was looking for the chance to turn around the game.



가재는 게 편이다.
Crawfish is on crab's side.
Like draws to like. / Birds of a feather flock together.

방귀 뀐 놈이 성낸다.
The one who fart is angry.

When someone who did wrong is even angry, it is called 방귀 뀐 놈이 성낸다. This and 적반하장 have same meaning.

똥 묻은 개가 겨 묻은 개 나무란다.
The dog covered with dung scold the dog with eggs.
The pot calls the kettle black.

쥐구멍에도 볕 들 날 있다.
The time will come to rat hole when the sun shines into it.
Every dog has his day.

원수는 외나무 다리에서 만난다.
You will meet your enemy on the single long bridge.

It's really self-evident. You will meet something or someone you hate when you cannot avoid it.

얌전한 고양이가 부뚜막에 먼저 올라간다.
The quiet cat jumps up to the burning stove first.

When someone looking neat and nice did something really bad or greedy, this saying is used. 부뚜막 is the old kitchen table in Korea. That cat jumped on their to steal some foods.

개구리 올챙이적 생각 못한다.
Frog doesn't remember its tadpole days.

When someone became really successful, he usually forgets his old days. It basically means this. It is usually used in negative sense.

For example, a businessman became really successful after overcoming hardships. However, he forgot his bad days and persecutes the people in hard days. This saying is for this man.

재주는 곰이 부리고 돈은 사람이 받는다.
The bear does the show and people earn the money.
One beats the bush and another catches the birds.

It is used when someone put effort, but other got the profit.

남의 잔치에 감 놔라 배 놔라 한다
Telling where to put persimmon or pear in other people's party.

When someone is going overboard and orders something they should not, this saying is used.

누울 자리 봐 가며 발 뻗어라
Stretch your legs after watching the place.

You should start your project after some research.

옷이 날개다
Clothes are wings.
Fine feathers make fine birds. / Apparel makes the men.

When some clothes make people look positively different, it is called 옷이 날개다.