3 Words and More in Running Man Ep. 314(황자의 게임, The Game of Emperor’s Throne)



특채 is the shortened form of 특별 채용, special employment.

When you need some people with special abilities like special licenses or special experience, it is called 특채. 공채 or 공개 채용(public employment) has the opposite meaning.

1000명 중에 한 명 뽑는 특채로 뽑힌 사람이 저 사람이다.
He is the person who was specially hired from 1000 applicants.

특채로 뽑힌 사람들이 문제가 되는 경우가 많아서 요즘은 그렇게 잘 안 해.
Because the people hired by special recruitment made a lot of troubles, we don't do that these days.



When some products sold out, it means 품절. You can see this word a lot in vending machines.

Sometimes, you can see this word with people like 품절남, 품절녀. When someone marries, you cannot go out with him or her except his or her spouse. So, it's a bit like out of stock. That's why 품절 is used for married people.

내가 한 병 사니까 바로 품절됐어.
After buying a bottle, it became out of order.

그도 이제 품절남이 된다.
He will be married soon.



When you are original or the person who first started it, it is 원조.

Because of that, you can sometimes see this word in the street signs like 원조 족발, 원조 설렁탕, etc.

내가 원조라고 생각했는데, 더 먼저 한 사람이 있었어.
I firstly thought that I was the original, but there was a person who did it earlier than me.

왜 그렇게 원조를 따지는 건데?
Why are you checking who's original?

Historical Words and Phrases

얄리얄리 얄라셩 얄라리 얄라.


You might have wondered what that weird spell was. It was from ancient poem, 청산별곡. It was written in 고려 dynasty. It's a kind of "la la la" in a song. It has no meaning. As the background of the TV series, 달의 연인 – 보보경심 려, is 고려 dynasty, RM team used the phrase.



화랑 were the young elites in 신라 dynasty. They were not only good at studies but also at martial arts. So, they did great jobs in wars. It's hard to guess why, but when they are shown in TV series, they are always good at archery. Because of that, they used the phrase 화랑의 후예(the decendents of 화랑s), which is the parody of the title of famous series, 태양의 후예.