3 Words and More in Running Man Ep. 309(광수의 해코지, Kwang Soo Strikes Back)

본때를 보이다


본때를 보이다 means give someone a punishment to make him/her not to do something again or to give him/her a lesson.

In this episode, 광수 challenged other RM members. They decided to give him a lesson.

어린 아이가 자꾸 까불길래 본때를 보여 줬다.
As a kid behaved badly, I gave him a lesson.

본때를 보여줘야지.
I will give him a lesson.



When you overreact to some pains, you are "엄살을 피우다", "엄살을 부리다", "엄살 떨다".

엄살 is also used when you pretend pain or hardships.

엄살 부리지 말고 빨리 가.
Stop being a crybaby and move on.

우리 엄마는 내가 엄살을 피운다고 생각하셨어.
My mother thought that I was pretending to be in the pain.

헐리우드 액션


It's a Konglish phrase. It means to overreact to pains. It's a bit similar to 엄살.

This word came from Hollywood, 헐리우드. As we all know, there are many movie studios in Hollywood and this word came from some exaggerated action scenes of Hollywood movies.

When someone overreacts or exaggerates his/her pain, it is usually called as 헐리우드 액션.

쟤 또 헐리우드 액션한다. 야! 안 아픈 것 다 알아.
He dives again. Hey! We all know that you aren't hurt.

할리우드 액션도 제대로 해야지. 그렇게 하면 누가 속겠어?
If you want to overreact, you should have done it correctly. Who would believe you if you do it like that?

It can be also 할리우드 액션.