3 Words and More in Running Man Ep. 308(특급 에이전트 H – 끝에서 두번째 사람, Special Agent H: The Next to Last Person)

방부제 미모


방부제 is preservative. It is used to preserve food. 미모 is beauty.

방부제 미모 is used when someone becomes old but she still has her beauty of her young age.

변치 않는 방부제 미모를 과시했다.
She showed her unvaried beauty.

15년 전 데뷔 때와 비교를 해도 변한 것이 없다. 완전 방부제 미모다.
Compared to her debut of 15 years ago, she didn't change a bit.



구박 is to abuse or to be abused. When you abuse someone, it's 구박하다. When you are abused, ill-treated, or bullied, it's 구박을 받다.

그렇게 너무 구박하지 마라.
Don't abuse him too much.

항상 구박만 받았는데, 이번에는 잘 해서 기분이 좋으네요.
I was always ill-treated, but I feel good because I did it well this time.

약방의 감초


약방 means medical house or pharmacy or hospital. These days, everyone gets subscriptions from doctors and gets medicine from pharmacies. However, it is still not the case in traditional Korean medicine industry. They prescribe and create medicine in the same clinic.

감초 is the medical herb used to make the medicine sweet. Because every traditional medicine(한약) is bitter, 감초 is added to every medicine.

From this, 약방의 감초 is used to tell someone or something added to every situation/group/party/recipe, etc.

이 친구는 약방의 감초처럼 빠지는 곳이 없네.
He is always there. We cannot miss him.

선거에서 부정부패 해결 공약은 약방의 감초처럼 빠지지 않는다.
In every election, you can find the promise about the elimination of corruption.