3 Words and More in Running Man Ep. 303(런닝맨 사냥, Running Man Hunting)



The same word for 영문 is 이유.

Interestingly, this word is used when you don't know the reason. If you know the reason behind the case, then you should not use 영문. So, you should not speak like 그가 여기 온 영문은 나를 보고 싶어서였다(The reason he came here was to see me). 영문 here should be reason because you know the reason.

However, if you don't know the reason like in the examples below, you can use both 영문 and 이유.

도대체 무슨 영문으로 이곳까지 온 것인지 모르겠다.
I don't know why he came here.

왜 그렇게 한 것인지 영문을 좀 알고 싶다.
I want to know why you did it.



When you are reporting someone's wrong, it is called 고자질.

Compared to the similar word, 신고, it has some bad nuance. It is a bit like reporting something you shouldn't or something childish.

그렇게 계속 고자질하면 아무도 너와 친구가 되지 않을 거야.
If you report that again and again, no one will become your friend.

고자질하려고 그랬던 것은 아니었는데…
I didn't want to report it.

서울에서 김 서방 찾기


When I was in middle school, I read a book which describes the Korean society without Korean language. Because English is a global language and Koreans are famous for not being good at English, the Korean government decided to use English as the first language of than nation.

In the book, there was an interesting situation. There are too many Mary Kim, David Park in Korea, so it became a big problem. Like this, there are so many 김, 이, 박 in Korea.

서울에서 김 서방 찾기 is the phrase from this situation. As there are so many 김 in Seoul, it's almost impossible to find the Mr. Kim I want. This saying is used to describe to find something or someone almost impossible.

It's usually translated as "finding a needle in a hay stack."

이거 완전 서울에서 김 서방 찾기 수준인데.
It's almost impossible to find it.

서울에서 김 서방 찾기도 이것보다는 쉽겠다.
I think that it might be easier than to find a needle in a hay stack.