3 Words and More in Running Man Ep. 302(위험한 밥상, Dangerous Table)

허를 찔리다


When you are attacked by something you didn't expect, it is called "허를 찔리다".

허 here means somewhere open or empty. You tried to guard something but the enemy attacked your empty spot. This phrase came from this situation.

It is usually translated as "catch off guard".

그렇게 허를 찔릴 줄은 몰랐다.
I didn't know that I would be caught off guard like that.

네가 그 계획에 승낙을 했을 때 허를 찔린 기분이었어.
When you approved that plan, I felt that I was caught off guard.

손 하나 까딱 안 하다


Someone doesn't do the thing which all of you should do together. This person didn't lift a hand in English. And 손 하나 까딱하지 않았다 in Korean.

손 하나 is a single finger. 까딱 is small movement. 안 하다 is do nothing. 손 하나 까딱 안 하다 is not to move his/her single finger a little.

손 하나 까딱 안 할 애를 왜 팀원으로 맞이한 건데?
Why did you invite a person as a teammate who wouldn't lift a hand?

멀리서 보면 누가 열심히 했는지 보여. 누가 손 하나 까딱 안 했는지도 보이고.
When you see them in the faraway, you can see who's working hard. You can also see who didn't lift a hand.

꿀 먹은 벙어리


When you cannot speak anything in your mind, it is idiomatically called 꿀 먹은 벙어리.

벙어리 here means mute or dumb.

In this episode, 광수 ate honey and he cannot speak anything because they had to collect honey because he ate honey. So, they used the phrase, 꿀 먹은 벙어리.

꿀 먹은 벙어리처럼 있지 말고 무슨 말이라도 해 봐.
Stop being a mute and tell us something.

왜 갑자기 꿀 먹은 벙어리가 된 거야?
Why did you become so silent?