3 Words and More in Running Man Ep. 301(7 vs. 300, Part 2)


Some of you might have guessed the Japanese word, chan, which is used to call young girls. It has nothing to do with the word.

It means the best.

When it is used in elementary, middle, high schools, it means the person who is the best at fighting. It implies the violence in school in that context.

However, out of that context, it has the meaning of "the best". It is used like "짱이다" for "it's really good" or "it's the best".

학교 짱을 알아 보겠다고 싸움을 하던 청소년들이 검거되었습니다.
The youths were arrested who fought to find out who is the best fighters.

짱이다. 어떻게 했어?
Great. How did you do that?



When something is likely to happen or someone is likely to do something, it is sometimes called ~할 기세.

기세 means the shape or state that comes out vigorously. From this basic meaning, it is used to describe your plan or future.

이대로 TOPIK 1급까지 합격할 기세다.
It seems that he will pass the 1st grade in TOPIK.

오늘은 잠도 안 자고 공부할 기세다.
He is likely to study without sleep today.

난생 처음


When you do something first in your life, it is called 난생 처음. 난생 means after birth.

난생 처음 해 본다고 하지 않았어?
Didn't you say that you did it first time in your life?

난생 처음 하는 일을 훌륭하게 마쳤다.
He finished the work which he did first time in his life.

Sadly, "For the First Time in Forever" in Frozen is "태어나서 처음으로" in Korean.