3 Words and More in Running Man Ep. 300(7 vs. 300)



When you are touched or moved without limit, it's 감개무량.

감(感) means feel or emotion. 개(慨) means sadness or anger. 무(無) means nothing or non-existing. 량(量) means to measure or amount. So, 감개무량 is to be touched without limit.

It's been 6 years since the first episode of RM was on air. It's natural for them to be moved with their own experience.

지난 10년간을 돌이켜보니 정말 감개무량했다.
I was really touched when I looked back my 10 years.

감개무량할 것까지는 없는 것 같은데.
It's nothing to be moved!



몰카 is the shortened word for 몰래 카메라. 카메라 is camera. 몰래 is hidden or without any notice.

When everyone around the main character knows some secret and tries to see how he or she reacts, this is called 몰래 카메라.

Happy 광수 Day is famous episode of 몰카. Actually, this was done a lot in early RM episodes when they were doing 1:n match. N people(usually, 8 members + 1 or 2 guests) are trying to deceive one guest or member.

몰카 당해봤는데, 기분이 별로 안 좋았어.
When I knew that I was being hidden cameraed, it wasn't good.

몰카도 너무 많이 해서 그런지 재미가 별로 없더라고.
It seems that the hidden camera was done too much. It's not that interesting any more.



The direct translation of 원고지 is the paper for manuscript.

The length of a writing is measured by the number of words in English. In contrast, it is measured by number of characters.

This is easily done with 원고지. You can see how it looks like here. Usually, there are 200 characters in each page, so it will be 1000 characters if you have written 5 pages of them.

When I was young, I had to hand in my writing assignment on 원고지. These are good to help you learn basic 띄어쓰기 and grammar. Because it is easy to realize when something becomes wrong on it.

논술 시험에서는 원고지에 3000자나 채워 넣어야 한다고?
Do we have to write 3000 characters?

원고지 되게 오래간만에 써 본다.
It's been a very long time since I last used 원고지.