3 Words and More in Running Man Ep. 299(센터전쟁, Center War)



There is a phrase in English. "Winner takes all." 독식 is the word for this, but it doesn't have the meaning of winner in it.

When someone takes everything, it means 독식. 독(獨) means alone. 식(食) means eat. So, it basically means to eat everything alone.

In this episode, those who win take all the shots. That's why this word is used.

대기업이 모든 수익을 독식하는 구조를 고쳐야 합니다.
We should change the structure that the big companies take all profit.

1주일 전 낸 앨범의 곡들로 차트 순위를 독식하고 있다.
With the songs in the album released a week ago, they took the whole chart.



The basic meaning of 말기 is the end of a period. Because of that, when you talk about the last days of Roman Empire, you can say 로마 제국 말기.

When this word is used with diseases, especially, cancer, it means the last stage of that disease.

In this episode, we are talking about "center disease". And YJS loves to be in the center(that is, he has severe center disease), so 말기 is used to emphasize that.

위암 말기시라 함께 살 날이 얼마 남지 않았다.
As he is in the last stage of stomach cancer, we don't have much time to live together.

그의 말기 작품을 보면, 고향에 대한 그리움이 많이 느껴진다.
When we see the works of his last days, we can feel that he missed his hometown a lot.

의문의 1패


의문 is question. The direct translation of this phrase is "one questionable loss".

This is an Internet jargon. It is used when you are humiliated or your opinion is contradicted without knowing or realizing it.

As you can see, Gary was pushed to the ground while everyone was doing the same thing. He got punished without any reason. That's why it is called 의문의 1패.

오늘도 어김없이 의문의 1패를 당했다.
He was humiliated without reason even today.

감독님 오늘도 의문의 1패 추가요.
The coach is contradicted again, today.

In contrast, when someone's idea is supported by real example, or he or she is praised without realizing it, it is 의문의 1승.