3 Words and More in Running Man Ep. 297(태양이 진 후에, After Sunset)



When something repeats between in sight and out of sight, it is called 가물가물. In English, this is expressed like flickering or blinking.

From this meaning, there are 2 more derived meanings. First, when some goal or objective is likely to be achieved but it also seems that it will fail. It is hard to predict whether the goal will be accomplished. Then, it is called 가물가물.

Second, when you cannot remember something clearly, 가물가물 is also used. It seems that you did it or you didn't. You are not sure about it.

이번 시즌 맨유의 챔스 진출은 가물가물하다. 최종전에서 기적이 일어나야 한다.
Manchester United is unlikely to get the ticket for the Champion's league this season. The miracle should happen in the final match.

어제 배운 것들인데, 벌써 가물가물하다.
I've learned them yesterday, but I cannot remember them clearly already.



찜 is a way of cooking in Korean. It uses steam to make it. To make Korean rice cake, 떡, you should use this method.

However, when you say 찜 하다, it has nothing to do with food. It has the meaning of reservation. 찜 or the verb form 찜하다 means that "it is mine now, so don't touch it". Some of you might think "then, what is the difference with saying 'it's mine'?" 찜하다 has the meaning that the price is not paid yet. So, I've used the word reservation.

내가 찜한 거니까 만지지 마.
It's mine now. So, don't touch it.

먼저 찜한 사람이 임자야.
The one who took it first is the owner.



When some work has gone really bad, Koreans use the word, 망했다, a lot.

폭 in 폭망 is from 폭발, explosion. When your work seriously failed like a situation after explosion of bombs, it is called 폭망.

It is used between young people. So, don't use it when you should be polite.

폭망했던 경험들을 모아서 새로운 것을 만들어 냈다.
They collected the experiences of severe failures and made something new.

원작은 괜찮았는데, 더빙은 완전 폭망이었다.
The original work was good, but dub was the worst.