3 Words and More in Running Man Ep. 296(7개의 사랑, 7 Loves)



It's the short form of "깜짝 놀라다". 깜짝 is used with 놀라다 a lot and shows you are really startled. It's not in the dictionary but used a lot in TV shows and Internet when you want to show your surprise.

완전 깜놀했잖아. 그만해.
I was really startled. Stop it.

자신이 준 선물을 내 던진 아이를 보고 '깜놀'.
He was startled when he saw the kid throwing away his present.

The example above was a parody of news headline. To shorten the length of the sentence, some journalists use words like "깜놀".

될성부른 나무는 떡잎부터 안다.


You can learn that the tree that will be bigger by watching its cotyledon. 떡잎, cotyledon, is the first leaves of the tree when it is first sprouted. When you can see that the cotyledons are different and good, you can guess that the tree will be big and good. From this, when a kid or first timer is good at doing something(usually study), this saying is used.

In the example of our screenshot, it is used because he is good at 예능, variety shows, even though it is his first time.

될성부르다 means that "it will be good or a success some day later". However, it's hard to see the real usage of this adjective. The standard way of using it is without spaces, but you can find many examples like 될 성부른 or 될 성 부른.

When someone is different from their childhood, it is called "떡잎부터 다르다."

그 아이들은 아직 잘 알려지지 않았지만, 될성부른 떡잎이야.
They are not well known, but they will succeed.

떡잎부터 남달랐던 미모.
She was beautiful even in the childhood.



When you use something for a long time, it will wear out. 너덜너덜 is the mimetic word for this wearing out.

It is also used when someone is extremely tired, or worn out.

책을 너덜너덜해질 때까지 봤네.
You read the book until it becomes worn out.

런닝맨 촬영 한 번 했더니 완전 너덜너덜해지더라고요.
After filming Running Man, I became completely worn out.

Running Man is infamous for the difficulty in filming. It usually takes more than 12 hours to make one episode and it takes even more time to edit and complete the 1.5 hour episode. As we all know, it's a little bit shorter than the air time of average movies. It takes more than a few weeks to design games and ideas for the week. Thanks to their effort, we're watching them every week.