3 Words and More in Running Man Ep. 290(생명의 모래, Sand of Life)

더위 먹다


When it is really hot outside, it can make you ill. This is called 더위 먹다 in Korean.

From this phrase, Koreans use this phrase when someone does something weird in the hot weather. We use this expression because we guessed that his or her brain is somewhat damaged because of the heat.

In this screenshot, RM team is now in the desert. So, it is the perfect condition to use the expression if someone does something weird.

더위 먹었어? 갑자기 왜 그래?
Are you mad? Why are you doing that now?

기계도 더위를 먹나? 여름이 되니까 갑자기 느려졌네.
Are machines going mad in the hot weather? Summer came and it suddenly became slow.



It means ugly face or someone who makes troubles. It came from the descriptive verb, 밉다, ugly, detestable, hate, etc.

상 here means the face or state. When someone made troubles, they are hated or detestable. That's why 밉상 got this meaning.

계속 그런 짓 하면 너 완전 밉상 된다.
If you continue to do so, you will be detested.

밉상 짓 그만하고 좀 제대로 해 봐.
Stop doing something hateful and do it properly.



동상이몽 is used when they think something different when they are in the same situation and doing something identical. 동(同) means the same, 상(床) means bed. 이(異) means different, 몽(夢) means dream. It basically means "in the same bed, but having different dreams". You can understand why this word got the meaning, "in the same situation, but expecting something different from each other".

If you are a fan of 유재석, you might have heard of the TV show, 동상이몽, 괜찮아 괜찮아. This program covers the problem between the parents and the kids. Usually, they share the same goal, but they think differently. That's why the program makers named the show like that.

같은 회사에 다니지만, 그들은 동상이몽을 꾸고 있었다.
They are all in the same company, but they had all different dreams.

다들 목표한 것이 다르다 보니, 같은 행동을 하고 있지만, 다들 동상이몽을 하고 있다.
As they have different goals, they are doing something identical, but they are aiming for something different.

More Words



When it means gold or metal, it is read as 금. When it means the family name, then it is 김. As 김 of 김종국 is 金, he decided to do the gold mission.

2. 선생님


선생님 is for teachers. However, it is used when you want to call a male you don't know well politely.

In the screenshot, 이광수 was frustrated because he had no time. So, he called him 선생님 and wanted him to hurry up.