3 Words and More in Running Man Ep. 277(좀비 전쟁, Their Identity:Zombie War) – Learn Korean with Running Man



When you changed your previous mindset and decided to do something better or start something new, it is called 심기일전 in Korean.

심(心) means mind. 기(機) means template or machine. 일(一) means one. 전(轉) means turn. It basically means to turn your mind template once.

It is sometimes translated as "to turn over a new leaf" in English.

심기일전해서 다시 도전해 보기로 했다.
I decided to give it a go again.

그는 그 일의 실패를 심기일전의 기회로 삼았다.
He made the failure of that project as the opportunity to renew his mindset.



Sometimes, we have to tell what happened from the beginning to the end, 자초지종 is the word for this.

자(自) usually means by oneself or for oneself. However, it means "from" here. 초(初) means the start or beginning. 지(至) means to arrive or "to". 종(終) means end. So, 자초지종 is from the beginning to the end.

It is usually translated as whole story, everything, or complete story.

그녀는 빠르게 자초지종을 설명했다.
She quickly explained the whole story.

경찰은 갑자기 달려 들어온 아이에게 자초지종을 물었다.
The policed asked the whole story of the kid who came in abruptly.



When you are struggling to do your utmost, it is called 아등바등. It is mimetic word.

It is used a lot when you are trying to get out of someone or something.

혼자서 아등바등 한다고 해도 바꿀 수 있는 것에는 한계가 있다.
Even though you alone struggle to do something, you cannot change all by yourself. There is a limit.

1년 동안 아등바등 열심히 해 보았는데, 별로 한 건 없는 것 같다.
For a year, I did my best, but it seems that I didn't do anything much.

More Words

1. 콤비


콤비 means duo or pair. As many of you know, 유재석 and 권렬 are pair in Running Man.

2. 줄행랑


When you run away, it is called 줄행랑.