3 Words and More in Running Man ep. 274(그 남자네 집, That Man’s House) – Learn Korean with Running Man

제 발 저린


When you do something wrong, you have a guilty conscience and do or say something odd if something related to it is happened. To describe this situation, Koreans use the saying "도둑이 제 발 저리다." It basically means that the feet of thief got pins and needles.

Because of what he had done wrong, he feels that he lost the piece of his mind and felt uneasy. By using the verb, 저리다(to get pins and needles; to ache), the saying well describes how hard it is to live with doing something wrong.

사장의 한 마디에 많은 직원들이 제 발 저린 모습이었다.
After the simple comment of the boss, many employees were in guilty conscience.

제 발 저린 범인은 필사적으로 도주했다.
The culprit who felt guilty conscience ran away desperately.

빨간 날


In calendars, holidays are written in red. Because of that, holidays in Korean are informally called 빨간 날(red day).

내년에는 빨간 날이 좀 더 많아질라나?
Will there be more holidays next year?

빨간 날에도 쉬지 못하고 일하시는 분들도 많아.
There are many people who cannot take some rest on holidays and work.



When you ignore while someone is asking or talking to you, it is called 딴청을 피우다 or 딴청을 부리다 in Korean.

The synonym of this word is 딴전. It came from the phrase, "다른 전(different store)." 전 here means store(가게) in old Korean. So, if you say 딴전을 부리다 or 딴전을 피우다, it means that you already have your own store, but you are interested in other store or doing something for different store. From this it got the meaning, doing something else when someone is talking or asking to you.

I guess that 청 in 딴청 came from the character, 청(廳). It means the public office.

선생님이 이야기하는데 딴청 피우지 마.
Stop pretending to listen when your teacher is talking to you.

"애인이 있냐"라는 질문을 받자 그녀는 딴청을 부렸다.
She ignored and did something else when she was asked, "Do you have boyfriend?"

More Words

1. 기승전[x]


When every talk or conversation ends with the same topic, it is called 기승전[x]. In the screenshot above, his conversation was always ended with 숙주나물(bean sprouts), so it is 기승전숙주.

2. 긴가민가


When you are not sure for something, it is 긴가민가.

3. 따 놓은 당상


When some work or job is too easy or apparent for you, it is 따 놓은 당상.