2 Words and Some Sayings in RM 273(웃음대첩, Running Man vs. Oot Chat Sa) – Learn Korean with Running Man



After winning some game, war, battle, the team or person that won sometimes continues to be successful. It is called 승승장구 in Korean.

승(乘) means ride or hop on. 승(勝) means victory or win. 장(長) means long. 구(驅) means steer or drive. It basically means to ride victory and steer it for a long time. So, it means continuous winning.

승승장구할 때 더 잘 해야 한다.
You should do better when you are successful.

지금까지 승승장구해 왔는데, 위기가 닥쳤다.
She has been continuously successful, but the danger came to her.



When something is perfectly fit, it is sometimes called 안성맞춤 in Korean. It has interesting story.

In old Korea, almost every brassware were made in 안성. Those bowls and dishes had good quality that 양반s(nobles in Chosun Dynasty) and government requested custom-made brassware. These custom-ordered bowls are called 모춤(맞춤). Because of that, 안성맞춤 became the word for perfect fit.

그 아이는 우리 회사에 안성맞춤인 인재야.
He is perfect fit for our company.

정말 행사에 안성맞춤인 물건을 가져 왔네.
You brought the product perfect fit for the event.

Korean Sayings


돌다리도 두들겨 보고 건너라 (Cross the stone bridge after checking them).
It emphasizes that you should check before you start something.

지렁이도 밟으면 꿈틀거린다 (Even earthworm wriggles when they are stepped on.)
Even the meekest person will eventually lose his temper.

백짓장도 맞들면 낫다. (It is helpful even though it is just a single sheet of paper.)
It emphasizes the help each other.

칼로 물 베기(Cutting the water with knife.)
When you cut some water with knife, it will become one soon enough. It is to describe the quick make up after the fight. As the fight between married couple is like this, so It is usually used like (부부 싸움은) 칼로 물 베기.

믿는 도끼에 발등 찍힌다. (To be stabbed by your trusted axe.)
It is used to warn betrayal.

개구리 올챙이적 생각 못한다. (Frog which forgot his tadpole days.)
When some successful people forgot his hard or mediocre days, this saying is used.

바늘 도둑이 소도둑된다. (The thief of needle will be the thief of cattle.)
If you start stealing small, you will become to steal something big later. So, this saying warns you not to steal.

자라보고 놀란 가슴 솥뚜겅 뽀고 놀란다. (The mind surprised by turtle will be surprised by the lid of pot.)
Someone who were startled by something will be also surprised by something similar.

가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다. (If your words were good, you will also get back good words.)
You should be kind to others.

제 버릇 개 못 준다. (You cannot throw away their habits to dogs.)
It is really hard to throw away your bad habits. Some people use it like 개 버릇 남 못 준다, but 제 버릇 개 못 준다 is correct.

누워서 침뱉기(Spitting when lying down)
When you spit lying down, you will get dirty with your saliva. When you are disgracing yourself with some words or actions, it is called 누워서 침뱉기.

티끌 모아 태산(Dusts collected to be a great mountain)
Although it is as small as dust, it can be as big as a mountain if you continuously collect it.

More Words

1. 다짜고짜


When someone do something so abruptly or without warning, it is 다짜고짜.

2. 금의환향


When you come back with honors, it is 금의환향.