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말다 Negative - Korean Negative Statements #5

We've learned 안 and 못 negative. We'll learn the final negative form, 말다 negative.

What is 말다?

Unlike 안, 못 negative, 말다 negative is only used with command or suggestion. They cannot be used in question or normal sentences. In other words, 말다 means "stop", "don't", or "let's not" in English.

When it is conjugated for command, it is used in the form of "-지 말라". However, in spoken Korean, "-지 마" or "-지 마라" is more frequently used. It

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3 Words in Running Man 355(I-Go Race 1)


It is usually used in the phrase of "환심을 사다".

환심 means to be delightful or cheerful. And 사다 means buy.

It is used when you earn some favor or interest by giving others free gift.

Although I said "free gifts", it can be a bribe if you give it for some intent. So, this phrase can be used in negative sense like 교묘히 환심을 사다, earning other's favor in a clever way or 아첨으로 환심을 사다, earning one's

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못 Negative - Korean Negative Statements #4

We learned about 안 negative in last 2 episodes. In this episode, we'll learn how to use 못 negative.

As we learned in our introduction, 못 negative is used for the lack of ability. Simply speaking, it's "cannot" in Korean.

이젠 더 못 먹어.
I cannot eat any more.

눈이 와서 차가 못 들어 가.
Cars cannot enter because of the snow.

못 cannot be used with 이다 or descriptive verbs

Because of that, 못 negative isn't used with 이다

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3 Words in Running Man 354(Global Race 8)


It means something never heard before.

전(前) means before. 대(代) means age. 미(未) means not. 문(聞) means to hear. So, it means something never heard in previous ages.

They are going to 전율미궁(Labyrinth of fear). 전율미궁 is a unique noun so it is not much used but 전대미문 is used a lot. So, 석진 is confused with the words.

전대미문의 사건이 터져 버렸다.
An accident happened that anyone never heard about it.

전대미문의 기록에 도전한다.
They're challenging for a

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안 Negative Tense - Korean Negative Statements #3

We learned how to use 안 negative in last episode. We'll learn how to use tense with 안 negative sentences this week.


When you use tense with 이다 verb, it should be added with 아니다.

여기는 우리 동네가 아니었어.
Here was not my village.

그건 제 신발이 아니었을 거예요.
That might not be my shoes.

Short Negative

When you're using short negative, then you should end tense endings like 았/었/겠 with the main verb.

철수가 우유를 안 마셨다.
철수 didn't drink

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3 Words in Running Man 353(Global Race 7)


It means embarrassing.

It is a slang. Use it only between close friends. Don't use it when you should be polite.

뻘쭘하기는 한데 이 말을 해야 할 것 같아.
It's a bit embarrassing, but I think that I should say this.

왜 그렇게 뻘쭘해 해. 그냥 편하게 있어.
Why are you so embarrassed? Just make yourself at home.


It's a compound word of 새(new) and 내기(person). So, it means new person.

It is used to tell some new people

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